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Ring name:
Date of birth: 1979-03-24
Weight:  70 Kg
Height: 178 cm
Nationality: se SWEDEN
Representing Swedish Elite/GBG MMA
Discipline: MMA
Joakim Engberg anses vara den absolut bästa svenska mellanvikts MMA-fightern och en fighter som alla andra Svenskar vägrar möta.

{tab=Fighting Record}
Fights: 10
Wins: 5
Losses: 4
Draws: 1
KO´s: 3
Submissions: 0
Fights: 4
Wins: 3
Losses: 1
Draws: 0
KO´s: 0
Fights: 7
Wins: 5
Losses: 2
Draws: 0
KO´s: 1

{tab=Professional Titles}
Finnfight European champion Ville Manninen 12/15/2007 Finland
{tab=Amateur Titles}
4 times Swedish shootfighting champion
{tab=Previous Fights}

Result Opponent Method Event Title Date Round Time
L Tim Radcliffe Rumble in Malmo 2009-05
W Eddy NG Strike and Submit 2009-04-26
W Kevin Reed Rumble in Norrköping 2009-02-27
L Jeff Lawson Absolute Adrenaline 2008-06-08
W Ville Manninen Finn Fight 2007-12-15
W Sami Berik Ultimate Warrior Challenge 2007-06-02
L Daniel Weichel Evt 2004-09-26
D Landon Skowalter AFC 2007-02-27
W Ski Skirskis Evt 2003-12-06
L Musail Allaudinov M-1 2003-10-10




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