Rumble of the Kings events are usually visited by 7 000 – 11 000 people depending on the venue and the kind of production.

The latest analysis shows that the average visitor is male (90%) between 22 – 45 years old.

Around 12% of the total audience is martial artists. The rest are just there to enjoy the fights, socialize and have a good time at the Gala.

Rumble of the Kings 2017 – ROK 19

Rumble of the Kings Promotions (ROK) is once again proud to present one of the world’s greatest fighting sport’s event of the year!

Rumble of the Kings 2017 will take place in Partille Arena – Gothenburg on November 25 and will consist of a dozen fantastic super bouts, a lot of entertainment and action!

The shows are broadcasted live or with delay around the world. The main target is men (85%) 18 – 45 years of age, and the venue is expected to be sold out which means around 5 000 people.

In previous years the event has been visited by 7 000 – 12 000 spectators. The 2010 years ROK event was broadcasted on 55 different networks and one of the fights; Jorgen Kruth vs Bob Sapp was the most seen clip on YouTube for two days. The media coverage of the ROK events is huge. Usually around 100 journalists from different media (National television Sport news, newspapers etc) attends the shows.

Your company

The sponsor becomes a part of the comprehensive marketing strategy through adaptation of the event. The exposure opportunities include: arena TV commercials, sponsor exhibition booths, company representative presents awards, merchandising exposure for event function staff, backdrops, flags, ringside corner- and floor cushions, ring canvas, fighting gloves etc. We will together design the best way of exposure for your company depending on the budget you would like to spend. ROK is also able to provide you with a dedicated project manager as your contact person, in order to secure that proper follow through and follow up of the partnership is conducted. Together we will agree on reporting parameters, and your specific exposure needs. Our ideas and your imagination is the only thing stopping the best exposure ideas. Let the rumble begin!

Ring exposure, TV-commercials, Booths awards, backdrops … flags …

Exposure possibilities round about the arena.

The exposure is foremost regarding the audience on stage but in some cases even the press and the TV viewers.

1. Commercial viewed on the Big screen

Available in versions of 10-30 seconds and/or exposure of logotypes on the big screens in the arena above the boxing ring and/or around the foyer.

2. Live commercial in the arena

Live performances of 1-2 minutes on stage during the event, such as Big Bill vs Small Bill fight for Comviq KO. Another example of this could be the Iprenmannen (famous Swedish commercial figure) dancing up on stage playing guitar between the rounds. This could also take part as a catwalk with models showing fashion and/or underwear’s whilst doing the presentations.

3. Billboards and commercial on TV during the broadcast.

(This possibility is to be looked into if it is demanded or wished for depending on broadcasting methods and stations).

4. Cushions – Logotypes on the floor pillows around the boxing ring

18 floor pillows are placed around the ring. These pillows have 2 printing areas. The biggest one is 1×0,3 meters and faced towards the boxing ring. The second area is 1×0,2 meters and faced towards the ringside attendants. They are being shaped as “Toblerone bars”. Logotypes in a vectorized format (eps) is to be delivered by the buyer to the producer threw E-mail on agreed time. The producer will arrange the printing and the pillows at their own expense.

5. Cushions – Logotypes in the corner paddings of the boxing ring

The boxing ring has 4 corners; 2 white, one blue and 1 red. Logotypes can be printed and put on these cushions. There are 4 corners available and they are being sold in pairs of 2. The printing area on these are 0,2 x 1 meters each.

6. Boxing ring canvas – Large logotype in the centre

3 x 3 meters and only 1 logo position is available. Positioned in the middle of the ring.

7. Boxing ring canvas – Large logotype on the sides

3×1 meters and with a maximum of 4. Positioned on the sides around the centre logo.

8. Boxing ring canvas – Corner logotypes

About 1×1 meters and with a maximum of 4. Positioned on the canvas corners just below the corner pillows.

9. Logotypes on the round signs

4 signs, Round 2-5, with prints on the front and the back. These are to be shown by the girls between the rounds.

10. Logotypes on the round girls outfits

The sponsor provides the clothing of the round girls. Sizes and models will be decided after consultation with the producer.

11. The company presenting the event

The name of the company will be added to the official name of the event, for example Rumble of the Kings- Martinspoker trophy. This means that the sponsor takes part in presenting the official event and all the marketing included. This marketing is bought by the organizer/producer to promote the event threw TV, Subways, advertising in magazines, newspaper, Internet etc. The budget for
the event is approximately 1 000 000 SEK for each event. (This is only to be done if a company buys the exclusive rights for all the marketing at the event).

12. Display cases

Available areas in the foyer from 9 square metres and more. This is to be used as retails, displaying or similar activities. All the necessary equipment such as interior, electric or telephone sockets, flat screens etc can be rented from the Globe Arena if required. The construction of the display case and the delivery of all the products have to be done by the buyer on the day of the event at 10 am if nothing else is agreed.

13. Match sponsors for the super fights or the whole tournament

The presentation of the match sponsor is done by the ring announcer as:

– This fight or tournament is presented to you by XXXX

and both fighters and their seconds will be wearing printed T-shirts with logotypes during the fight entrance. The trainers/seconds will be wearing their T-shirts during the fight as well.

This will be shown on the big screen and on TV from the stage threw the catwalk and to the ring. (Appr. 4-6 T-shirts for both teams. The event will have 8-9 different super fights and one 4-men tournament).

The sponsors can also give away or let the ring announcer give away a product to the fighters/winners of the fight since this is a great opportunity to display your product to each and every one.

14. Logotypes on the clothes for the staff and functionaries

Around 80-100 T-shirts is being worn by the staff during the night of the event. The working area is fore most among the audience on the floor and around. The staff T-shirts can expose sponsor company logotypes in different sizes. Just the same as the Fight T-shirts exposure here above.

15. Other exposures in the arena or around

Exposure sites around the actual boxing ring, on the floor and entrance area are also available. Those will be caught by photographers, TV but also by the audience in the arena. Sponsors can put role-ups, flags, cars or other promotional materials to be viewed by the audience.


16. Exposure of logotypes on Internet

Place in a banner or Internet linking from
A banner with competitions of tickets and a link to the own homepage is a great combination with the other services.

The organizers have themselves, threw collaboration partners, access to about 300 000 E-mail addresses. These are getting different offers and updates about fights etc. via e-mail from the producers.

17. Competitions/lotteries in the arena

The ring announcer arrange a lottery with products/prices for the guests. These lotteries can as an example be held before the start of the event in the display case. Regarding fight betting, please contact us for further info.

As a collaboration partner, you can arrange competitions via the own homepage or other advertisements and radio and give away tickets for the event. (This is a excellent optional choice to one of the other ways of exposure. The number of tickets for this is given in relation to the sponsoring.

18. Logotype on the press wall

To be exposed during the press conference, weigh-in and VIP entrance.

19. Exposure of logotypes on the poster

Company logotypes can be added on the event marketing material such as posters, commercial ads in newspapers etc.

20. Event tickets

Every sponsor gets a number of VIP tickets which are the best tickets and not available for sale, and some grandstand tickets for give-aways to guests/ employees/ customers. What kind of ticket and how many depends on the exposure you have bought; how many you wish to buy.

21. Let your company fight or train with one of our celebrities

Choose among many of our fighters/hostess such as: Jorgen Kruth, Sofia Olofsson, Mårten Nylén or others.
The organizer has the possibility to arrange a side event for our sponsors where they get the chance to find out what it is like to train and or fight with Sweden´s most famous personal trainer profiles as the Biggest Looser trainer and Ninja Warriors TV host or for example the multiple amateur and professional world champion. Why not spice it all up by letting one of your employees /customers or friends go a few rounds with Sweden´s only female amateur and professional world champion?

Another idea is to challenge your competitors/co-workers etc in a so called mini K-1 tournament. This can take place at a party where we arrange a controlled Tournament with real gloves and protection gears, while the audience/employees can eat, drink and bet with fake money on their colleagues/the contestants. Contact us for more info at


The Rumble of the Kings event are the biggest “stand-up fighting” events in Scandinavia and one of the biggest in the world. The events are million-dollar productions and carefully composed, by one of the most experienced fighting sport promoters in the world, to deliver maximum amount of excitement and entertainment for it’s audience.

Around 200 people are engaged to put every event together. The shows contain the best of professional boxing, MMA, Muaythai and K-1 fights. These matches are put together involving some of word’s most experienced matchmakers in an atmosphere more like a rock concert than anything else with different music entertainments between the rounds, such as orchestra, rappers and rock bands.