On October 20:th 2010 the famous Muaythai & K-1 fighter Dzhabar Askerov became the 70 kg Champion of Russia’s Kickboxing Championship Tatneft (TNF).

Kickboxing Championship Tatneft (TNF)

The 16-men tournament was organized in Kazan in which fighters from Brazil, Netherlands, Slovakia, Armenia, Russia, Latvia and more participated and fought in Super fights during the 2010. The final was organized on October 20:th.

Askerovs 4 opponents were:Tadas Yonkus from Latvia was defeated by KO, Danila Utenkov from Russia was defeated by KO in the quarter final,
The European Kickboxing Champion Armen Israilyan from Russia was defeated by KO in the semifinal and the world Kickboxing Champion Yranbek Esunkulov from Russia was defeated by points in the final fight.

The next fight for Askerov will be in Stockholm on November 27 at Rumble of the Kings in fully Muaythai rules against Finland’s Pasi Luukkanen.



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