October 2, 2010 – Seoul, Korea – After a successful weigh-in where all fighters passed weight on the first time, the stage was set for the most exciting middleweight event of the year thus far.

All eyes were on the reigning MAX Champion of course, and Giorgio Petrosyan (69.8kg) looked as relaxed and confident as we have come to expect. His opponent, Vitaly Hurkou (69.5kg) was perhaps even more relaxed. When asked how he was feeling a humongous smile spread across his face. “I am so honored to be here. What is even better is that while it is my first time in MAX, I already have the chance to show what I can do against the number 1 fighter. Giorgio is a great fighter, and I am looking forward to the fight. After I fight him, it will prove that I belong here,” he said. As for “The Doctor,” he said that his hand is now completely fine and that there was no need to worry about it.

Another newcomer, Michal Glogowski (69.9kg) showed a similarly positive attitude regarding his dangerous opponent, Sagadpet (69.8kg). Despite admitting it is a very dangerous fight, it came out today that when his opponent was first mentioned to him via telephone, he immediately agreed to the fight.

MAX is breathtakingly exciting at its worst. With this injection of new and hungry talent, mixed in with the veterans of previous years, it promises to take things to even greater heights. And the best part is, you can watch the event unfold live, and for free! That’s right: for the first time ever, this event is offered as a live stream!!

Not only that, but you are invited to join in the excitement the following day when the Final 8 for both MAX and K-1 will take part in the draw of destiny that matches each up with their first round opponent for the 1-day tournaments that will decide the champions for 2010. If you are in or near Seoul, Korea you can do so by attending the event. If not, you can watch the live stream. Keep checking back here for more details.

By Stuart Tonkin


The weigh-in results are:

Sung Wook Kim: 69.2kg

Dong Soo Kim: 69.8kg

Fire Harada: 62.0kg
Tae Hwan Kim: 62.7kg

Kizaemon Saiga: 62.8kg
Sung Hyun Lee: 62.8kg

Hideaki Kikkawa: 66.3kg
Chi Bin Lim: 66.7kg

Woo Yong Choi: 70.0kg
Pajonsuk Super Pro Samui: 69.8kg

Ikue Tanimura: 53.0kg
Su Jeong Lim: 54.0kg

Jun Hee Mun: 75.5kg
Andrews Nakahara: 75.9kg

Chahid: 69.5kg
Mike Zambidis: 70.0kg

Mohamed Khamal: 69.2kg
Artur Kyshenko: 70.0kg

Michal Glogowski: 69.9kg
Sagadpet: 69.8kg

Vitaly Hurkou: 69.5kg
Giorgio Petrosyan: 69.8kg

Su Hwan Lee: 70.0kg
DRAGO: 69.7kg